Dream of making it big in the market? The best trick to do this is by representing your brand at conferences, tradeshows and equivalent interactive business sessions that offer a platform for networking and growth. Be it a small or a big organization, everyone has scope to make the most of such marketing programs.

Such events don’t just help you get introduced to the market, but also help generate leads and make some business connections that last for a lifetime.

Now the question is how to go about it. Operating as a conference printing services Company, we can share useful insights that help you prepare for the event.

So, when you have a trade show or a conference coming soon, print materials play an active role in making the presence of your company stronger. During marketing events, there are 5 pieces of print marketing material that are a must. As these print pieces will help you attract potential customers, investors and more. So it’s time to be creative and make an impact.

Let’s take a look at what these 5 print pieces actually are. In order to help you prepare well for the next big upcoming event for your business.

  1. 1. Business Cards
    Well this goes unsaid. The moment you meet or greet any participant sharing a business card is a must. Because that’s how they will remember you and can reach out to you easily. So make a point to carry a stack to hand them over to potential clients you meet at the marketing event.
    And if you want your potential customers or investors to remember you, try thinking out of the box. Make an attempt to bring about curiosity and interest.
    To make life easier, give your business card a modern touch by adding a QR code and give participants an easy way to reach your website within seconds. You can also make use of embossing, spot UV or soft touch treatment to give your customers a tangible interaction with your brand.
  2. 2. Product One-sheets / Flyers
    Remember, when you are at an event with a huge footfall, not every single person will have the same interest in your business. Some of them will simply come and browse through your booth, with no aim to even initiate a conversation. This is where flyers and product one-sheets come into picture.
    These print materials are a great mix of graphics and information that can be useful to tell about your products without having you or a marketing person present. Remember, these product one-sheets are a great alternative to an aggressive marketing pitch, when you come across visitors who are not interested in your product at that moment, but can be a future prospect.
  3. 3. Stickers
    The best thing about stickers is they come handy and can be placed anywhere. So, no matter where they get placed, they will promote your brand.
    Generally, when interesting and creative stickers are handed out at marketing events, they get people talking about your business.
    Don’t believe us. Try it out to learn that it works!
  4. 4. Special offer post cards
    Offer is a word that manages to get attention from all over. To make the most of this, it is a wise idea to print post cards that talk about special offers.
    Words like exclusive, limited offer are effective to create the necessary buzz and draw attention.
    So, don’t forget to print these offer cards in advance.
  5. 5. Notepads
    All of us love to write and hand written notes have a special place. When people attend events like a tradeshow or a conference, they need something to make notes and take back home insights shared by the best in industry.
    Don’t miss a chance to brand yourself here as printing notepads to be handed over to attendees is a great idea to be recognized as a brand. This does not stop here; people will remember you every time they use the notepad to make any notes.
    This was a list of the 5 must have print pieces for almost every type of marketing event. At Xpress Printing Services, we have extensive experience and expertise to produce any of your print media demands.

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