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Xpress Printing Services is committed to providing the highest quality print media solutions, competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Our Services

Xpress Printing Services is located in Atlanta, GA and specializes in print media, signage and promotional materials for pharmaceutical symposiums and medical conferences. We are committed to developing and printing innovative materials that make it easier for our clients to get vital information to the medical community. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, we continue to grow and expand our services to all industries in order to build on our reputation as the standard for quality and service.

Industries We Work With

Health  Insurance

Health Insurance

Pharmaceutical  Seminars

Pharmaceutical Seminars

Global Medical  Education

Global Medical Education

Entertainment/  Television

Entertainment/ Television

Pharmaceutical  Education

Pharmaceutical Education

Airports, Security,  Technology, Retail

Airports, Security, Technology, Retail

What Our Clients Say

Renae M.

Five stars, hands down. I work with many clients who have tight deadlines and Jorge ALWAYS delivers. The products are of the highest quality, reasonably priced and on time.

Renae M.
Medical Education

Jeanette K.

After working with Jorge and his team for many years, I can tell you that Xpress Printing is that rare combination of quality and customer service that is so hard to find these days. The projects are well managed and questions are addressed timely and accurately. Jorge does what it takes to get the job done!

Jeanette K.
Director of Finance, Medical Education

Sarah T.

The Xpress Printing team consistently demonstrates a solid understanding of our business and their quick response time is very much appreciated. They are reliable and go above and beyond if the job calls for it. They are solution oriented in helping make our projects successful, which results in a valued partnership between our companies.

Sarah T.
Senior Account Director, Medical Education