Conferences are an excellent platform to meet competition, receive business insights and network with potential business opportunities. So, it does not matter how big or small your business is. If you have an idea, services or products to offer to the market, attending conferences, trade shows and other promotional events is a must.

Conferences are innovative; they are informative and can help your brand get a level up. Today, as the world is getting smaller with the power of globalization, conferences work as an outstanding platform with opportunities to grow your business.

But the question is how you will leave your mark? Well, an excellent presentation and mind blowing session indeed are the essentials. But what next? How will the participants remember your business? A lot of marketers believe sharing digital brochures over an email work the best.

But ever thought about the spam a CEO or a CTO of an organization receives?

We agree that digitization works as a great option during conferences, but is that enough? And the answer is no. We agree that the corporate world is in favor of paperless conferences, but does that mean print collaterals should completely be vanished? And the answer again is a big no.

We have found a few good reasons that make you think twice before you decide on completely going digital. We have outlined a few yet compelling reasons that help you continue to use print material for conferences, trade shows or any other corporate promotional event.

Marketing with a twist

Just like the digital arena, Conference Printing Materials too have evolved. But now-a-days companies prefer sharing save-the-date mailers to inform and entice participants. But we have a twist. If you want to do something different from your competitors, try distributing well printed postcards or flyers. They demand more attention, but face lesser competition as compared to an over-crowded mail box.


Professionals from the past to energetic millennial in business prefer reading printed materials. If you don’t believe us try taking a short survey and you will be surprised.

Stays at top of mind

Once a promotional event is over, there are slight chances of the participant going back to it for any kind of information. But when the printed program booklet, visiting card or brochure is in sight it has a high chance of getting attention for the second time.


Today the world believes in the power of collaboration. So, printing QR codes on handouts can be an interesting way to make the conference attendees download your app on their smart phones. And when they delete it for some reason, they can always find a way back from the print material.

Specializing as a conference printing services business in Atlanta, we understand the urgency and accuracy needed for businesses to succeed. Our fast turnaround time and excellence in creativity and technology help us deliver printed materials better than the rest in the industry.